2020 Finalists in Housing Award

2020 Architects have been nominated as finalists in the Housing Innovation Awards 2017 following the success of their unique and bespoke Virtual Reality software.

As the only Northern Irish Company represented in the category for the ‘Most innovative Housing IT system,’ the team is delighted with the acknowledgement of the massive benefits Virtual Reality is bringing to the field of architecture.

It has been brilliant to watch clients seeing their design come to life before their eyes without a single physical object needing to be located or placed.  It can be incredibly hard for clients to visualise a concept and 2020’s 3D Virtual Reality has plugged this gap and enables clients to gain a feel for their home design and the interior layout before any building work has even commenced.

2020 is very proud to be the only architectural practice in Ireland offering clients a fully interactive tour of their house design.  As a company that is constantly striving to find new and better ways of doing things – 2020 are passionate about taking progressive leaps forward in the field of architecture and design.

We look forward to the award announcement and will keep you posted.

If you would like to see your dream home come to life in 2020’s Virtual Reality get in touch with our team at info@2020architects.co.uk