A guide to the Architectural process

A lot of people come to us unsure of where to start and what way the process of building or extending your home works.  So we thought we would put together this quick guide to what we do and the different stages of each project.

1. Initial Scheme Design

At this stage one of our architects will meet you at your home, talk you through your project and start to get a feel of how you live and what your are looking out of the project. They will gather any ideas you have and use them for inspiration to come up with a couple of initial designs for your home.

You will then meet with them to discuss the designs and what you like/dislike about each design. They will then make any changes that are required and repeat the process until you are 100% happy with the design.

2. Planning submission

Once the design is finalised, we will then compile the full set of planning drawings and submit the application to the planning service.

We also look after your application until the decision is received, fighting on your behalf to obtain a positive outcome.

3. Building Control Submission and Specification

Once planning approval has been granted, we then prepare the construction drawings for your project. At this point we take into consideration your preferred heating systems, insulation, windows etc.

We can advise you on all these issues and talk you through all the different options. Each project is individually specified depending on the clients needs, budget and construction preferences.

4. Tender Package

This stage isn’t required, but is recommended if you are working to a strict budget.

If you would like to progress to tender, we will meet with you to decide on a full specification for the house, this includes things like finishes, joinery, decorating etc.

Once the tender package is complete, it is sent out to a number of builders who will then return a price for the project.

The price returned is a contract figure, which will not change as long there are no amendments to the design during the build.This process is very useful if you require a mortgage as you will know exactly how much money you will need to borrow.

5.  On Site Inspections and Architects Certificates

Once again this stage isn’t compulsory, but is usually required if you are taking out a mortgage for the build.

This stage is continuous throughout the build, every month we will inspect the work that has been done and review your valuation (invoice) from the builder.

We will then release the appropriate amount of money, so that you are not paying for work that hasn’t been done.

Once the build is completed, we will issue a Practical Completion Certificate which the mortgage company will require for the final payment.

We also inspect the build after the rectification period to make sure there are no imperfections that need to be fixed. If there are any, we get the builder to return and fix them before releasing the last payment.

 All our fees are split up into these 5 stages and you only ever have to pay for the work that has been carried out, you never have to pay for anything in advance and you can also choose to opt out of the ‘tender’ and ‘on site’ stages if you feel you do not require them.

 If you would like any more information or have any questions, please get in touch here.