Belfast Telegraph introduce 2020’s new column

“We are delighted this week in Home Finder to launch a new monthly column – The Cutting Edge – by one of Northern Ireland’s leading architectural practices.

Focusing on the most innovate of Northern Irish home design, over the coming months 2020 Architects aim to provide a professional insight into what makes good design and what to look out for in the homes we buy or build.

The steady upturn in the local housing market in recent months has given people renewed confidence about the future.

As well as moving up the property ladder, many of us are also choosing to stay put and spend money on improving our homes, making this the perfect time to launch our new column.

The presenter of Channel Four’s hugely popular Grand Designs series Kevin McCloud recently described 2020 Architects as ‘the most innovative, forward thinking, progressive architects in Northern Ireland’.

Looking at the teams current designs it is not hard to see why.

This design company is right at the cutting edge of architecture specialising in high end sustainable homes and working on some of the most exciting projects seen in this or any other country.

Just over a year after the brand was taken over by three highly regarded young designers Gareth Boyd, Michael Howe and Richard McKinney who are thrilled to have recently been entered for Northern Ireland’s top Architecture Award.

Their designs have appeared in numerous publications and one of their incredibly modern eco friendly homes – a straw bale house – is currently being filmed for Grand Designs.

2020’s houses range from the wildly inventive to simple family homes but all are connected by the quality of the design and their sustainable principles.

Through our new column The Cutting Edge, architect Michael Howe is looking forward to providing Home Finder readers with inspiration and ideas to help you create your own ‘Grand Designs’, no matter how big or small.”