Progress on the extension and alterations to a tradition Irish farmhouse

Things are progressing well with the work being carried out to this traditional Irish farmhouse, the extension is almost complete and the insulation to the existing part of the house is well under way.

This house is being insulated externally with the same system that is specified on the 2020 ‘Eco Home’ and ‘Eco Cottage’, which involves low cost EPS insulation being mechanically fixed to the outside of the walls and a silicone-based render system being applied directly to the insulation, giving a smooth rendered finished.

It’s a very cost effective way of dramatically reducing the heating costs of  an existing stone house without losing any of the floor space internally. The insulation can be applied by anyone who can handle some DIY and it can then be rendered by any plasterer, there are no specialist equipment or trades required, which makes it very accessible for everyone.

If you would like some more info on how you could renovate your home to reduce your heating bills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.