Invest NI interest free loan for energy efficient technologies

If you are a business wanting to reduce your Carbon footprint – then good news is on the horizon.

Invest NI, in conjunction with The Carbon Trust NI, are offering businesses interest free loans for energy efficient projects including wind turbines and solar thermal systems.

If you are a business and considering a project to reduce your CO2 emissions, then a zero-interest loan will certainly interest you.

Examples of some of the projects that could qualify under the scheme include llighting, heating, wind turbines, solar thermal systems and building insulation.

Business loans are available from £3,000 – £400,000 whereby the size of the loan will be based on the projected CO2 savings of a project.

Loans are designed that in most cases the monthly energy cost savings should exceed the monthly loan repayments.  Loans are repaid over 1 to 4 years in line with project payback periods.  Multiple loans are available up to the maximum loan amount.

Key features of the loan;

·    Interest free and unsecured

·    Borrow from £3,000 to £400,000

·    Loans are designed as such that in most cases the monthly energy savings should exceed the monthly repayments

·    No set up or administration fees

A wide range of energy efficient and renewable projects can be considered for an interest free loan, providing they meet the on-site fossil fuel use saving requirement. Examples of just some of the projects which could qualify include the following:

·         Building insulation

·         Solar thermal systems

·         Lighting

·         Wind Turbines

·         Hydro Electricity

·         Air and ground source heat pumps

For questions on eligibility and what products are included email or call 028 9073 4398.