Project Office

2020 Architects are preparing for a new office move at the beginning of next month.

The expansion of our team has quite literally saw office seats and desks move closer to the front door – so it’s a move we are all highly anticipating.

We are fortunate to have landed a premises, just two doors down, with so many original features still intact.

The original red bricked wall adds warmth to the otherwise industrial feel of the office. The premises is split-level so we have a lovely canvass to work with. There’s lots of natural light and space due to a large front window which will encourage the creativity of our designers.

Two steel columns, which exist for necessity rather than aesthetics, add an industrial and modern feel to the office. Exposed electrical conduit continues on this theme and is very in keeping with modern office design.

Dunaird, a Broughshane-based company, is designing our front desk made from plywood with a very unique design! We can’t wait to see the finished product. Keep an eye on our news feeds for progress updates.