2020 Architects were delighted to receive a CPD from Ecophon – part of the Saint-Gobain Group, which specialises in the manufacture and supply of acoustic systems.

From houses to hospitals and schools – quality sound acoustics are vitally important in buildings to ensure that intended activities can take place and quality sound achieved.

You could have the most striking room or building, but if the sound isn’t right – the quality of the experience diminishes.  2020 Architects pride themselves in designing buildings which achieve the maximum in term of design aesthetics and, for us, this means they must be fit for purpose.

Auditory strength is key and depends on the room shape, size and the activity being carried out.  This is where good quality design and products play a vital role.   Ecophon tiles are 100 per cent absorbing and contain up to 80 per cent recycled content.

Ceiling design and sound acoustics

Andrew Acheson, Sales Manager for Ecophon said: “The choice of ceiling in a classroom can affect a child’s learning performance.  Likewise, the recovery of a patient in hospital is linked with good quality sleep.”

2020 Architects are passionate about responsive architecture and we are constantly updating our skillset and knowledge from industry leaders to ensure our products and designs achieve the maximum result for our clients.

Through our most recent CPD, 2020 Architects is proud to enhance our network of services to ensure design is always paramount.