Time running out for Turbine funding

The deadline for replacing or upgrading your wind turbine under the Renewables Obligation (Amendment Order) NI 2016 is fast approaching. 

The cut off point to benefit from Government incentives in the form of full 4 ROCs for new turbines is closing in April 2017.  However, if you have a fully connected turbine on your site by this time – incentives are still available to farmers for the next 21 years making now the best time to optimise your energy output.  The Order sets out that ROCs cannot be issued on generation that occurs beyond 31 March 2037.


Currently, the majority of existing turbines are standard models.  VESTA V27 and A27 produce an average output of 100kw/hr to 140kw/hr on most sites.  With a reasonable ROC value currently being offered, now is the perfect time to think of upgrading your turbine.

Efficiency savings in your pocket

However, if you are considering a new wind turbine on your site – you must have your turbine up and running before April 2017 in order to tap into ROC incentives.  Replacement turbines are not restricted.

It should be remembered that the exact turbine you get Planning approval for is the turbine you must install due to the specific acoustic report submitted with the planning application.  A replacement turbine with a new specification will require a fresh new application.

2020 Architects are currently offering a free feasibility survey and our services are available throughout Ireland.  We also offer free, impartial advice on sustainable technologies and replacement turbines so get in touch with our team if you have an upgrade in mind.