Friday Five in Timber

This week 2020 Architects give you their Friday Five favourite projects by Accoya Wood

2020 Architects passion for Accoya Wood started during our Grand Designs project in 2015.  Architect Michael Howe was set on having a curved roof element  – sheeted outside in powder-coated corrugate.  Accoya Wood came to the rescue in providing the internal curved structural element and timber frame – bringing Michael’s idea to reality.

As a result, 2020 also went on to be nominated for a Structural Timber Award with thanks to this amazing timber.  This week’s Friday Five explores 5 of our favourite Accoya projects from around the globe.

1.  Ark Encounter Project, Kentucky
Architecturally significant this project has a major wow factor and is the largest free-standing timber structure in the world.
2.  Georgian Mansion, Surrey

Accoya was chosen for the French windows and bi-folding doors on this property due to the fact the wood doesn’t shrink or swell during seasonal changes.

3.  2020 Architects Ballymagarry Project

Accoya Timber was chosen for 2020’s Grand Design project due to its durability and its ability not to shrink and swell which was essential as the project was near the North Coast.

4.  Villa Bie, Copenhagen, Denmark

Accoya is the only wood where the cladding can be mounted tightly with tongue & groove, vertical or horizontal assembly.

5.  Omnisport Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Accoya wood is the chosen wood for Velodromes throughout the world due to the acetylation process which means it will not splinter.