Friday Five

2020 Architects are passionate about using materials and techniques which are unique, contemporary and most importantly – sustainable!

From polished copper, perforated metal and burnt larch cladding – we believe in buildings which boast modern lines while incorporating sustainable technology – therefore future-proofing our client’s projects.

We have compiled a list of our Friday Five which explores our favourite materials currently being used in 2020 house designs.  Architecture in our small Island is making a huge impression globally as many of these products, previously reserved for commercial use, are making there way into residential house design.

Perforated metal panels offer a dramatic look and can give the appearance of a windowless elevation. 2020 are currently using perforated metal cladding on a house designs with the intention of creating a dramatic, sculptural elevation.  By removing the complexity of windows, this gives a matt look and simplistic appeal .  At night, light shines through the punctured holes to offer a completely different design aesthetic.

Burnt larch cladding falls into the trend at the minute for deep, dark, colours in house design.  Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese technique which involves charring the wood, cooling it and preserving it with oils.  It is incredibly natural and low maintenance.  2020 are using this in house design both externally and internally.

Copper is both aesthetically pleasing and durable with the added benefit of low costs.  It is an exceptionally strong, anti-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free material.  Copper has been used for centuries in buildings, however when it’s treated pre-construction – this allows it to weather gradually and blend into its natural environment.

Exposed concrete looks very natural and has become incredibly fashionable in architecture.  When fixed to plywood form-work and removed, it gives walls a rich sense of texture and a sense of the process of their making.  2020 are adopting this method in a number of their new builds and will keep you updated with our progress.

The architectural appeal of zinc is continually growing as more designers are realising the benefits of this beautiful method.  2020 are incorporating zinc into a number of their new-build projects due to its durability and attractive characteristics making it an ideal design option to use for roof, wall cladding, soffits and fascias.