Mid-Ulster land consultation draws to close

LANDOWNERS across Mid-Ulster have one month to protect underdeveloped sites or promote their land for development as all Councils across Northern Ireland participate in redefining settlement boundaries.  

Mid-Ulster landowners have until January 27th to promote or protect their land, when public consultation on the Preferred Options Paper closes.  This paper sets out council’s preferred options for areas to be ‘zoned’ or ‘dezoned’ for development.

All Super Councils throughout Northern Ireland will follow suite in 2017, however Mid-Ulster Council is presently paving the way.   

It is part of the Local Development Plans (LDPs) being rolled out by all 11 Councils in Northern Ireland.  For the first time in 10 years, members of the public, statutory authorities and developers have the opportunity to input and shape settlement boundaries.  The Local Development Plan will set out the strategy and planning policies for the future of planning within each council area up to 2030 as well as identifying where housing and other types of development will be located.


The remaining councils are expected to publish their POP throughout 2017, therefore landowners are being urged to seek advice about their land in advance to understand whether there is merit in promoting it or ensuring it is safe through the Local Development Plan process.  

2020 Architects are inviting members of the public to contact them to discuss the Local Development Plan process and site appraisals process in their respective council area to ensure informative and detailed responses to POP.

For free initial advice about your land, enter your details into the ‘new development plans’ section and a member of our team will be in contact with you.  Alternatively, contact 2020 Architects on 028 2766 7999.