Outline Planning in Northern Ireland

2020 Architects are frequently approached by clients who have purchased land with Outline Planning permission and want to know what style of house they can build on the land and their timeframe for commencing.
outline planning permission drawings for ni

1. What areas are covered in Outline planning Permission NI?
An application for Outline Planning in Northern Ireland establishes the principle of development. Key components will be covered at this stage including access and stipulations will be made regarding the size of house, length of frontage, orientation and ridge height. Once Outline permission has been granted by Planning Service, you can concentrate on the actual design of the house called ‘reserved matters’ before work can start. This covers detailed plans and drawings including the design, external appearance, windows, means of access to the development and landscaping of the proposal. The reserved matters application needs to fully comply with all the conditions in the Outline permission or it will not be accepted by planners and also needs to be submitted within 3 years of Outline permission being granted. This is the most common route that most applicants and Architects take when designing a house; however, there is an alternative approach which 2020 Architects commonly use.

2. What is this alternative approach and what does it involve?
If you are wanting an entirely bespoke design, 2020 Architects would submit a brand new application. For instance, if you do not want to comply with conditions in Outline planning ie. building size, design and ridge height – then you can lodge a full application ignoring the problematic condition or conditions. On a plus, this means you can do exactly what you want and planners are also happier as it gives them the opportunity to discuss with the agent the specifics of the design. Even when 2020 Architects design a house with very unique and unusual features, if you can tie the design in some way back to the traditional vernacular of the area – planners are generally more than happy.

3. Are planners in Northern Ireland against Contemporary Architecture?
Absolutely not, planners are highly educated, to Masters level in Planning, and are in no way against contemporary design. Their overall aim is to encourage high quality design – which to their credit is visible throughout our beautiful countryside.