Five reasons to use Quinn Lite Thermal Blocks

Following a recent CPD with Quinn Building Products, they give us Five essential benefits of using Quinn Lite Thermal Blocks.  From reducing heat lost at thermal bridges, maximising energy efficiency and reducing overall construction costs.

1. Best on market for thermal efficiency
Quinn Lite Blocks are the most thermally efficient concrete blocks available throughout Ireland being 1000% more thermally efficient than a standard concrete block.  If you need a higher strength block, the Quinn Lite B7 block is 700% more thermally efficient than a standard concrete block, and 75% more efficient than the nearest alternative thermal block.
Heat can be lost at thermal bridges due to the break in insulation envelope, but Quinn Lite blocks' excellent thermal performance elimates the issue.
2.  They can significantly reduce construction costs

Using Quinn Lite blocks to combat thermal bridging results in a reduced amount of insulation ad/or a reduction or elimination of the requirement for expensive renewable technologies.   As an example, the Quinn Building Products Technical Team recently worked on a 3300sqft house in Northern Ireland and managed to save the builder £7,000 on the building costs, simply by specifying Quinn Lite blocks at the key locations.

3.  Achieve Passive House and nZEB standards

The demand for Passive House standards is increasing and with regulations coming into effect in the South which will require all new buildings to meet Near Zero Energy Building Standards in the next few years, the industry is certainly moving towards more thermally efficient buildings.  Effective specification of Quinn Lite blocks, particularly at thermal bridges, can help achieve these standards very easily.

South West College's Crest Centre is a Passive Building, which has effectively used Quinn Light Blocks, resulting in reduced energy bills.
4.  Comfort and savings for the long term

Using Quinn Lite blocks can result in greatly reduced energy bills, without compromising on comfort.  Quinn Lite blocks increase the surface temperature at junctions, eliminating the risk of mould growth and improving the overall comfort of the building.

5.  Sustainability

With an A+ Green Guide Rating and using up to 80% recycled materials Quinn Lite blocks are a very sustainable product.  Due to their light weight, Quinn can transport more blocks on lorries when compared to traditional blocks, thus reducing carbon emissions.  The diversity of product range at Quinn Building Products means they can successfully dispatch mixed loads which comply with necessary weight restrictions, resulting in less journeys and miles and significantly reducing carbon footprint.